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Regular Articles on Hiking and Wild Camping in the Cairngorms and Beyond

We produce regular articles related to hiking and wild camping in the Cairngorms and beyond. You can check out our latest articles here.

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Regular Reviews on Gear Suitable for Outdoor Activities in the Cairngorms

We produce regular reviews on outdoor gear that is suitable for hiking and wild camping in the Cairngorms. You can check out our latest reviews here.

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Loch & Cairns Summer Wild Camping Project

"Complete on Wild Camp Every Month of the Summer"

We decided to put together some wild camping goals for the summer. We called this our summer wild camping project. Our goal was to achieve at least one wild camp every month of the summer season. The project started in May and continued through to September.

We documented all the outings on video and discussed the gear we used throughout the summer at the end of the project. You can check how we go on here...

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Heading into the Cairngorms? Seek Professional Advice Before You Go.

Like all wilderness areas the Cairngorms can be a dangerous place and Mountain Rescue teams are called upon frequently to rescue groups and individuals from the Mountains. Before heading into the Cairngorms we recommend that you seek both advice and training from the Glenmore Lodge National Outdoor Training Centre.

Glenmore Lodge - National Outdoor Training Centre